The Barre Code Ann Arbor

barre code logoThe Barre Code Ann Arbor opened in August 2011 downtown by owner Adrianne Madias, who was born and raised here in Ann Arbor as well.  The original studio, Barre Bee Fit, began in Chicago in 2010 and when Adrianne met the owners of that studio, it was decided that she would use Ann Arbor as a test market to see if the concept would grow and be successful.  4 years later, there are two studios in town, the second opened in 2014.  It has now begun to franchise across the nation as well.

The Barre Code program reaches beyond the superficial, by creating a positive, motivating community in which everyone can freely grow and discover their personal potential.  We equip you with the tools you need to build your inner and outer strength, along with a supportive community to maintain it.  The classes range from low impact to high intensity cardio giving you a one-stop shop to obtain your goals by providing Cardiovascular barre code birthdayConditioning, Strength Training and Restoration.  Our hot room offers you a chance to relax and elongate the muscles in a heated environment to detoxify the body and increase flexibility.

Our new client special is only $20 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes and is available on our online store at the following link, once you sign up you can register for classes immediately online:

For our 4 year Anniversary we are having an online sale as well!  Use Promo Code TBC4LIFE on packs of classes and single months and receive 15% through August 4rd!