Speak So They Listen

speak so they listen


People want to speak so they are listened to and understood.   The truth is, many don’t know how.   I believe they can, (I’ve seen it) when they are taught practical, do-able, immediately applicable techniques in a fun and energizing SHORT training session.

By combining tried and true ways to speak so they listen.  By the end of the one or two hour session, participants leave energized and ready to use what they practiced.  It works in person, on the phone or via webinar.  Using the tools you can: connect better with people.  Clearly and confidently express even the most complex or technical ideas, products, and services to resonate and be remembered by your audience.

What are you waiting for?  Your employees to disengage? Another lost sale? Another Millennial to leave your company?  Jeneen McNally turns training on its side with fresh, energizing, do-able, immediately usable ways to communicate.

We just happen to teach you how to speak so you’re listened to and understood!


Right now, Train YOUR Brain & I’ll give $10,000 to Children’s Brain Cancer Research.  Partners with the Chad Tough Foundation.

Contact me today to try my flagship 1 hour session = Speak So They Listen!  Be one of 100 companies to help us reach our goal.

100 (1 hour sessions) in 100 days and I donate $100 for each session!


Additional Offerings (1 – 2 hour sessions)

  • How to Ask Questions to Get the Results You Want
  • Stepping it UP with Assertive Communication
  • Master Your Meeting: Facilitation for Meetings and Group Problem Solving
  • Ingenious Ways to Connect with your Audience (Talking Tech, Health & Science, and other complex information)
  • Master Your Message (Designing & Developing)


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