Member Spotlight: Red Effect Infrared Fitness

Red Effect Infrared Fitness offers an unparalleled fitness experience, fusing infrared heat with class-based high intensity interval training,

kick boxing circuit training, cycling, yoga and barre, and combinations of these concepts under one roof. Red Effect also deploys revolutionary heart-rate monitor technology that creates the ultimate workout. The HIIT workouts are designed to achieve and maintain heart rates in the target zones that stimulate the metabolism, increase energy and achieve an “after-burn” effect that can last up to 36 hours post workout.

The infrared heat emitted throughout the Red Effect fitness studio warms the body naturally, which raises core body temperature and enhances the workout to produce a deep, healthy and detoxifying sweat at a cellular level where most toxins reside. Among the many workout benefits of weight loss, conditioning, toning and stress relief, working out in an infrared environment is also known to reduce inflammation, aid in anti-aging and produce overall cardiovascular health.

Ann Arbor members will enjoy numerous extra perks at the Ann Arbor Executive Club 10,000-square foot Studio, including unlimited use of infrared saunas, a full schedule of watch and post-game victory parties in the studio’s social lobby, a full service Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy Center and a smoothie bar.