Member Spotlight: Michigan Eye-Bank

The Michigan Eye-Bank is a nonprofit human service organization dedicated to preserving and restoring sight through corneal transplantation and support for eye and vision research. We help people see, whether its again or for the very first time.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor since we were founded in 1957, we are the state’s only eye bank, and have the privilege of helping more than 2,000 people each year receive the gift of sight through eye tissue transplants. Many more benefit from our support for research into blinding eye diseases. Our services are made possible by the generosity of eye donors and their families. Much of our work relates to raising awareness about the importance of joining the Michigan Organ Donor Registry, and so we invite you to visit our website at to learn how you, too, can join the Registry if you do not currently have a red heart on your driver’s license to signify your wish to give in the hopes of helping others.