Jafferson Computers

jc-logoJafferson Computers is a family owned and operated local IT service provider. Since 2002, we have been providing reliable and affordable Windows and Apple repairs and maintenance services. We provide quality in-store and on-site computer hardware and software repairs, network maintenance and network setup service for home and business users. We carry a large selection of computer parts, cables and accessories. We, at Jafferson Computers provide the owner-operated tech services that a big box store cannot offer. All of their work is done in-house by trained professional staff.

Jafferson Computers is all about IT solutions, we have trained professionals for computer and network repairs, as well as for Web and Mobile App development service. Looking for onsite computer repairs or looking to automate your manual tasks or looking to develop a new online presence or looking to build on your existing website, or looking to develop a mobile app, Call us at 734-975-6932.