Leadership 2.0

Leadership 2.0 is ideal for current or future leaders seeking insight into their personal leadership style and enhancing their leadership skills, learning about components of leadership, identifying and assessing talent, and preparing talent for the future.

Assessment Development Access Influence
Under the guidance of an organizational development professional, assessment tools will be utilized to provide attendees with a self-assessment of their individual leadership styles followed by discussion on how different styles affect the success of an organization and how those styles are in turn affected by company culture, type of business, and growth stage of a business. A panel of local leaders will discuss real life experiences in utilizing their leadership styles to grow their businesses and the successful and not so successful experiences in their growth as leaders.
Monthly sessions will cover the primary components of leadership including assessment of organization talent, performance management, development of talent, integration of talent, effective training, succession planning, organizational culture and its impact on the employee and community, and crisis/ change management. Each session will include hands-on exercises and panel discussions with business leaders in the community.
Each session will be facilitated by experienced organizational development and or human resources professionals. Also at each session, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from successful leaders in the community and explore how the experiences of these leaders may or may not relate to relate directly to the present or future challenges for each attendee.
Leadership 2.0’s curriculum delivers knowledge critical to enhancing your professional career and current or future role as a leader in the business community. Beginning at the vital day and a half retreat, you will develop a broad network of relationships that carry on long after the program ends. Combining your improved leadership skills with new associates will allow you to better represent your business in the community.

Leadership A2Y 2.0 2019 Application Download

2.0 Class Schedule

Retreat September 24, 2019 (Full Day) September 25, 2019 (Half Day)
“Know Yourself (Your Leadership Style)” – Leadership Assessment. Self-assessment of all participants and discussion on leadership styles and case studies of successful and unsuccessful leadership.
October 15, 2019
“Know Your Talent” – Assessment of Talent.
Assessment of talent to maximize effectiveness realized by getting people into right jobs. Discussions around job competencies, onboarding, engagement, team-building, and retention.
October 30, 2019
“Know Your Talent” – Leadership and Leadership Development.
How to develop effective leadership skills. Preparation of personnel for future leadership positions/roles with internal and external coaches. Getting employees in the pipeline to meet future strategic planning needs. Tools and strategies to develop talent and build bench strength for succession planning.
November 6, 2019
“Know Your Talent” – Performance Management.
Integration of annual performance goals with the organization’s succession plan and strategic plan. Differentiating annual performance goals from positional competency development goals.
November 19, 2019
“You as a Leader” – Crisis Management and Change Management. Leading and promoting successful change within the organization in response to external and internal conditions, and pro-actively creating a dynamic organization.
December 4,2019
“You as a Leader” – Ethics and Integrity.
Ethics and integrity fundamentals with topics that are important to leaders and any organization. Graduation Day – Each participant will briefly present their “Ongoing Personal Development Plan” that they developed throughout the various programs. Graduation ceremonies will occur toward the end of this final day.


Ann Arbor State BankWEMU 89.1WRS Certified Public AccountantsSt. Joseph Mercy Health SystemThe Phoenix Company
“The Leadership A2Y 2.0 class is like a mini MBA. It’s a day out of the office each month for personal growth & development. Every Professional in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area should take this class. In addition to the awesome networking opportunities A2Y 2.0 provides, the Chamber assembles a fine group of speakers (Business Leaders and Coaches, Consultants, Writers, University Professors and Administrators, local Political Leaders) to learn from. You need to be in this class! Do not put this off, this is just what the doctor ordered!”

– Phil Weiss, Vice President, Commercial Loans

Leadership A2Y class gave me great insight into our community and the opportunity to connect with the area’s top leaders in many sectors.
We got amazing behind the scenes views of local government, the local medical world, local businesses and law enforcement just to name a few.
And we learned more about how we, ourselves operate.
Best of all I got to spend time and bond with a great group of area business professionals as we experienced monthly meetings and outings and grew in our knowledge of ourselves and our community together.”

– Lisa Barry, On-Air Host

“I expected the Leadership 2.0 course to provide me tools, techniques and an understanding on how to improve my leadership abilities. The program provided this and a deep knowledge of how I approach work situations so I can utilize my strengths and be aware of weaknesses that I need to develop. The program also provided an opportunity to meet local business leaders who have successfully navigated challenges faced by every business leader including personnel matters, critical strategic planning and business ethical dilemmas.”

– Paul Roush, Partner

“”Being involved in the Leadership A2Y program not only grew my knowledge of the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti communities but it also grew my networking base. I would highly recommend this program to any professional who desires to grow in their leadership capacity and knowledge.”

– Laurie L. Armstrong, Marketing Specialist

“Education day is a wonderful chance to be inspired by incredible teachers as well as their gifted students. Washtenaw County is rich in talent, and days like this hammer that message home.”

– Tyler Kinley