Ypsilanti Community Beautification Day

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The Ypsilanti Community Beautification day planning committee is seeking nominations for the May 16, 2020 cleanup day. The goal of the 2020 Cleanup day is to increase inclusion across the community and develop strong partnerships with community stakeholders, municipalities, businesses and neighborhood groups throughout the community. All nominations are due by March 19th. All nominations will be reviewed by the committee and notified by April 1st. Please complete the site nomination form and give as much detail as possible.
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5 steps for Effective Performance Feedback

FEEDBACK – a simple concept and one that can instantly and simultaneously strike fear and anxiety into the hearts of the person receiving it and giving it. Learning to give effective performance feedback will promote and sustain improved performance and boost morale. It is also a skill that will elevate you to leader status regardless of your potion on the company’s org chart.

Leadership is in the eye of the beholder and being able to provide effective performance feedback is a key skill that will get you noticed when you practice it with your boss, colleagues, staff and clients.

Understanding how powerful giving effective performance feedback can we’ll turn our attention to the 5 steps you need to know to be able to make feedback your new secret weapon.

5 Keys to Effective Performance Feedback

  1. Identify the person to whom you will give the feedback While you should know the name of the person you’ll be giving feedback to you also need to determine how situationally confident they are.
Confidence Level
Low High

·        Effort

·        Persistence

·        Progress

·        Small accomplishments

·        Asking for help


·        Outcomes

·        Results

·        Impact

·        More Challenging accomplishments

·        Helping others

  1. Type of feedback – Positive or Corrective To be most impactful each instance of feedback needs to be addressing either positive performance feedback or corrective feedback. Sandwiching them together will dilute the messages you are trying to get across and this be a failed opportunity to help the receiving party feel good about their accomplishments/ability or help them improve.
  1. Timing – Immediate or Not There is different wisdom around when to provide positive and corrective feedback. The more specific and immediate you can be with positive praise the more useful it will be. Corrective feedback can be overshadowed by strong emotions and situational circumstances. If there is a behavior or issues causing a dangerous conditions. Otherwise it is best to provide corrective feedback to encourage behavior change at the next most likely instance of the behavior happening. Waiting to just prior means the person gets feedback and a timely reminder. For example – if an employee is continuously late coming back from lunch you would speak with them before they leave for lunch instead of when they are coming back late again.
  1. Finding the Words – Scripting Why don’t more people give effective feedback? Because most often we are afraid of saying the wrong thing, not making the right point or carrying on too long. Good feedback is often planned in advance which the DSEECS script allows you to do. Everyone is motivated by something different and this script is designed to touch of each of the 4 motivating factors (power, affiliation, achievement and security). Don’t let the word script spook you, this should only be a minute or two. You can’t go wrong!

The 5 parts of giving effective feedback are:

  • Describe the situation – a short intro and reminder of the situation
  • Specify – be very specific about the behavior or practice you’d like to reinforce
  • Express – how the person’s performance made you feel?
  • Explain – explain the impact the person’s performance had on others/the organization
  • Choose – present a contingency or consequence
  • Specify Again – first things last, specify the behavior/practice again

Have a plan – Grab a piece of paper draw a line down the middle. On the left side list 4-6 behaviors/practices you are looking for from others and number them. On the right side list 4-6 different ways to rewards for displaying the behaviors and practices you are looking for, number them also. One of these should be feedback based on the script. If you have the budget and authority to handout gift cards or pay for lunch those are nice too but the reinforcing reward do not have to be monetary. Think about highlighting the person in a team meeting, presenting them with a certificate, a coffee from the cafeteria, handshake/pat on the back with a “thank you for your hard work”, etc. Keep the list in your desk drawer and everyday roll a die to determine which behavior you’ll look for that day. Roll it again to determine which reward they will receive from you to reinforce they are doing the right things. A good ratio to keep in mind is 3 praising instances of feedback to every 1 corrective instance of feedback. Like most things these days we have an app for this.

Change is hard and awkward and you’ll feel it the first several times you use the script but I promise you’ll find your rhythm with it. The script is not meant to make you sound scripted so the um’s and pauses that come out when your giving the feedback will not be frowned upon but rather make it feel more genuine.

I trust you’ll use this powerful secret weapon only for good. If you want more information about any of the 5 steps for Effective Performance Feedback, to get our Planned Spontaneous Recognition app or for a free coaching call for help with your first script contact me at kate@leadinstitute.com or 734-995-5222.

Genius Phone Repair


Genius Phone Repair offers professional iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, and Computer repair services at our retail locations throughout Michigan and Indiana. Their high level of customer service has allowed Genius Phone Repair to open seventeen full-service repair centers throughout Michigan and Indiana! The experienced technicians at Genius are dedicated to getting you back on with your life! They carefully repair your broken iPhone, iPad, and Android devices while ensuring you the highest level of customer service. They are so confident in their quality parts and service that every repair comes with a Lifetime Warranty on both parts and labor! Most repairs can be done same day, in as little as a few hours.


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Locally, Genius Phone Repair has two locations. Their Eisenhower Pkwy location is located in the colonnade near the intersection of Ann-Arbor-Saline Rd. next door to Panera Bread. Their Carpenter Road location can be found kiddie corner to Target and next door to Starbucks.”


genius phone repair

React from Impact


Andy LaBarre


(734) 214-0101


If you missed Impact 2015 last Friday you missed a great discussion and a wonderful morning.


The theme of the day was the A2Y Business Community’s response to economic inequality in Washtenaw County. Our opening presentation from The University of Michigan’s Ginsberg Center Director Mary Jo Callan laid out the data of our economic disparities. It was concise and clear, and proved why this is an item our business community needs to discuss. The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation’s Neel Hajra did an excellent job formulating questions, moderating both panels, and engaging the audience.


Our first panel made plain the case for increased corporate leadership in our non-profit community. Old National’s Todd Clark and Charles Reinhart Company’s Dave Lutton, provided valuable insight on building a culture of involvement in their businesses and making sure community impact is part of thier business plan. Dave Benedict shared the Toyota Company’s unique approach to integrating staff with the community through service. Amy Emberling gave us Zingerman’s experience with directly taking on the issue through employee compensation. Her powerful remarks were met with spontaneous applause from our audience. Robin Damschroder laid out the innovative ways in which St. Joseph Mercy has successfully incorporated the concept of broader community improvement into its business model.


Panel two heard from leaders about their vision for a more equitable community. Nutshell’s Joe Malcoun spoke passionately about the need for increased transit options and Duo Security’s Dug Song covered the need for improved quality of life and the necessary political will to address our current disparities. Maura Thomson did an excellent job in providing experience from her own life to highlight the need for transit and accessible services while also highlighting the unique role small businesses like those in the Main Street Area Association will play in our community. Finally, Bank of Ann Arbor’s Tim Marshal spoke movingly about the need for greater financial and workplace literacy, and made the call for a Washtenaw Promise to provide greater educational options to our children.


The day wrapped up with the highlight keynote speech from McKinley’s CEO, Albert Berriz. Mr. Berriz resoundingly made the case for why our community needs and must have more affordable workforce housing, highlighting how it will not only help us address equity issues, but will itself show to be a wise and profitable choice for our local economy.


Impact 2015 was exceptional because it involved exceptional people!


Please see recaps from The Ann Arbor News and WEMU, and look out for coverage in Concentrate Media. You can also access the presentations on the Chamber’s website.

Call Your Help Desk

CYHDlogo250x85Born in 2007 in Saline to fill a need for competent, affordable tech support, Call Your Help Desk has grown to serve all of Washtenaw County. Jeff Morris, owner and principle, has a BSCS from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and has been in IT since 1991.JeffMorris

We specialize in making your technology work for you. From productivity issues to security to workflow
optimization, Call Your Help Desk today to get started working smarter with the technology you already have.

Campus Inn Offers Unique Settings For All Occasions

smallerFrom the innovative lighting to the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking an exquisite patio complete with lighted pergola, the Campus Inn’s newly renovated Terrace Ballroom offers a unique setting for meetings, banquets and special events.

Accommodating up to 300 guests, the Terrace Ballroom incorporates state-of-the-art meeting amenities including retractable screens, the latest LCD projectors, and single-source control of lighting, black-out shades and AV functions from the lectern. This versatile event space includes options for indoor/outdoor functions making use of our stunningly designed patio, an elegant, private courtyard surrounded by summer gardens and treetop views of downtown Ann Arbor. The patio is conveniently connected to two Terrace Boardrooms for smaller functions.

Dining-gallery-1Adjacent to the patio, our six boardrooms provide the ideal setting for smaller meetings – or for breakout rooms from a larger conference. Victors Restaurant complements event space with two semi-private rooms for your breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting.

The Campus Inn offers an upscale, spacious environment for your next meeting, banquet or event. Our location provides convenient access to the University of Michigan campus as well as downtown Ann Arbor. Our dedicated event planning staff offers superior service and flawless meeting execution.  To inquire about space availability or to set up a tour, contact our Sales Office at (734) 769-2224.








1st Photo – Terrace Patio
2nd Photo – Victors Restaurant
3rd Photo – Terrace Ballroom

DFCU Financial


DFCU Financial was founded in 1950 by Seven Ford Engineering Employees

Legend has it that Ford engineers pooled $5 each to found what was first called the Ford Engineering Employees Federal Credit Union.  Since that modest beginning, DFCU Financial has expanded significantly.

Outstanding financial performance has allowed DFCU Financial to give CASH BACK to members since 2006. To date, the credit union has given members more than $181 million in dividends.

In 2003, we changed our name to DFCU Financial as we continued branch expansion beyond Dearborn, Michigan. A merger with MidWest Financial in 2010 enabled DFCU Financial to open branches in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area.

Today, DFCU Financial is the largest credit union in Michigan and is among the best managed in the United States. We have more than $3.6 billion in assets, serve more than 200,000 members and have more than 500 employees contributing to our members’ success.

Added value to our membership includes:



Varsity Ford

071113VasityFordBuilding006Varsity Ford, part of Varsity Automotive Group, is much more than your local dealership! Family owned since 1981, Varsity is a proud recipient of Ford Motor Company’s prestigious President’s Award and is one of the highest volume dealerships in the country.

Varsity Ford understands Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti residents shop local merchants for friendly service, credible products, deals and to save time. When it comes to great incentives and service, think Varsity Ford first. The salespeople work hard to get their clients the best deal possible, and into the perfect vehicle for their lifestyle. Plus, they are open Saturdays!

Varsity Ford has a huge inventory of over 1,500 new and pre-owned cars, trucks, SUV’s and crossovers. This dealer leads the way toward a better future with Varsity’s electric avenue – including efficient Energi and hybrid models.

Varsity Ford offers a service and parts department and collision center to assist you throughout the life of your vehicle.

When making the choice on your next vehicle, remember to get the BEST – Move up to Varsity! To see monthly specials visit www.VarsityFord.com or find us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/VarsityFord

Varsity Ford is a very proud member of the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Chamber.